The K1 Advantage

Many consulting firms can say that they will produce results. We have proven it, and we do that by caring about our clientele and our people, as well as by offering the industry’s Best Custom-Designed Architecture and Best IT Support Services, at a much lower cost than most.

Mission Statement

Individuals coming together to blend their diverse perspectives, skills, and resources for the benefit and success of one and all.

We believe in the synergy of many minds working as a one. We chose the name K1 to remind us every day of our mission statement. The “K” signifies “The Kumiai Way”, a Japanese term meaning community union. The “1” represents a single unique entity; a community cooperative of diverse people who are motivated by the purpose “We Care, and We Share.” For us, The Kumiai Way means the sharing of information and resources. We like to think of everyone in the K1 Family as Tigers, because we gracefully bring willpower, courage, and personal strength to all our endeavors and partnerships, all while provoking public dialogue for social responsibility, accountability, and solidarity

Why Choose K1

Flexibility & Lower Costs

We know flexibility is key in an ever-changing world. We adapt and respond to your business needs, including variable workloads, with minimal disruption – while keeping implementation costs minimal.

Strategic Alliance Partnerships

We want to provide our clients with solid and accessible solutions. We strategically form Partnerships to advance our expertise in Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Google BigQuery, IBM, SAP Hybris, and more. Our resources provide specialized knowledge throughout various industries, helping us to deliver top-notch solutions for all client needs.

Tailor-made Solutions

Your business is tailor-made, so should your technology solutions. Our solutions are designed to address your specific needs and special requirements.

Our Strategy

K1 Consulting is well-positioned to be your strategic IT Services partner. We provide highly qualified…
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Meet Your New Team

Our team members have been on the client-side to set the highest expectations and on…
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Success Stories

At K1, we not only measure our success by Delivering Solutions for our clients but…
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