Business Intelligence Consulting

Business Intelligence (BI) consulting services help companies obtain insights out of their raw data in order to accelerate decision making, and to make data more accessible and profitable. High-quality BI solutions give a real snapshot of the company’s data, to allow forecasting all situations, short- and long-term. Improve your business performance with end-to-end data consulting and application implementations with K1 today.

BI implementation consulting

In case the existing BI solution does not meet your BI and analytics needs, we conduct:

  • BI improvement roadmap design – upon analyzing your BI solution, backlogs, data quality issues, value for particular user groups, technology stack, etc.
  • Implementation (if required) – the recommended improvements introduced via the iterative approach (2-8-week iterations that may cover changes in KPIs and reporting, data quality improvements, and BI solution modifications).
  • User training.
  • Proof of concept (for complex projects).

BI improvement consulting

  • BI solution design.
  • A detailed BI
  • A robust BI implementation strategy.
  • High-level description of data sources and ETL procedures.
  • Data quality assurance processes design.
  • Specification of challenges and ways to solve them.
  • User adoption strategy.