Success Stories

At K1, we not only measure our success by Delivering Solutions for our clients but also with the development and success of our employees and the cultivated synergies with our partners. We have a unique culture of ownership, enthusiasm and collaboration at K1 and continuously seek employee feedback to improve, whether that’s one-on-one or in a team huddle. With this foundation, we can apply our personality and values to define how we will accomplish our client goals. At the end of the day success is measured by happiness!

At K1, our proof of success is the happiness of our Clients, Partners and Employees. This goes hand in hand with our firm belief and company philosophy: "Good Brings Good!"

We value : Happiness | Growth | Performance | Partnerships | Time

Special thanks to Ranny for helping and guiding me through the process of Knoll and how to be successful. Kenzo always had my back and was always encouraging and more positive. Lori was special in handling crisis situations and how to diffuse things and moreover she had helped on how to project ourselves to the Customer and to convey the success story. Ranny was always there to help and he never said no or anything negative to any of the developers. He always had a positive attitude and an Open communication which helped me to steer the ship in the right direction.
The Trio of Ranny, Kenzo and Lori in the Retail IT model was the best. Their knowledge on the JD Edwards and Oracle EBS was second to none. Given an Opportunity to work with K1 Consulting, I will not have any second thoughts.
Good Luck to K1 Consulting for the future…. Miss you guys.

Bosco Vanatou

This is the first review I am writing for anyone ever. That should tell you something about how much I value what K1 Consulting company did to my career. I worked as an IT consultant for over 10yrs, I worked with many Consulting companies, but K1 Consulting stands out at the top. Kenzo and Heather are very professional and ethical when working with their consultants. They are always reachable and cooperative when needed.
K1 Consulting web portal for timesheet and expenses submission is the quick and easy process for any consultant. They are very precise and equally punctual on processing invoices for consultants. Special mention to them on how professional and caring they were in the tough initial COVID-19 days, they were sincerely and selflessly kept my payroll running even though they need to compromise on economics. Good Job K1 Consulting.

Nikhil K.

Partnership with K1 has been tremendous for me in achieving greater success for our customer. As part of the K1 team we bring the positive energy that exerts the confidence and assurance of proposed solutions. A proven design with MDM, EBS, Data Management, Enterprise Architecture has been tactical for our customer in achieving expected efficiency results and targets.
The technical knowledge pool of K1 including that of CEO, is always ready to share and guide when faced with challenges. The K1 office managers are prompt in engaging and ensuring a seamless admin process. The K1 management team is always eager to participate, celebrate and share customer success with every team member. I personally appreciate the commitments K1 has strived during these pandemic times. Wishing all the success to the K1 family and looking forward to continuing our jubilant journey. Thank you!

Jayant Yete

During my time with K1 I could see the leadership and engagement given by the leadership team to every customer to understand their needs and drive the k1 consultants to deliver above those customer expectations.
Besides caring for building a relationship within the k1 team to grow as a team over the years. This engagement style made my years very enjoyable and drove best professional experiences with the customers. Looking forward to working along with this team again.

Felipe Costa

As the CEO of a Staffing Company, I have worked with multiple service providers and staffing companies. Zinger has been partnering with K-1 Consulting since 2018. Working with K-1 has been a pleasant and professional experience. Heather and Kenzo are always courteous and very responsive. K-1 uses modern technology to track Invoices and payments which make life much easier as a partner.

Amit Ahuja

I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in two different projects with K1 Consulting so far (Iron Mountain and Knoll Industries). After 23 years in the business, I can tell you that these engagements have been the most fulfilling, challenging, interesting, enjoyable and where I had the best professional experience working along with top notch experts in every field willing to share their knowledge. I had the chance to partner and learn many things that helped me in my professional and personal growth. Looking forward to work with you guys

Mario S.

As the Director for a small consulting company I am often required to use approved vendors for my end Customers. K1 Consulting representatives were always responsive and courteous and as a Service provider I was very happy with the overall service provided.
K1 Consulting also utilizes modern mobile/cell applications for time recording and expense claim making it incredibly easy for our consultants to not only enter time and expenses but also be remunerated through the monthly invoicing process.

Robert Kennedy, PASO Consulting

I have been with K1 since 2019. It has a great workplace environment and culture that supports and empowers their employees. Kenzo, Sarah and Heather are very flexible and great to work with. I really appreciate the the opportunity to work here.

Vittal Reddy

As an independent Oracle consultant for 23 years I’ve used several different recruiting companies, but none have been as incredible as K1!  K1 is led by one of the best project managers and Oracle experts I’ve ever seen (Kenzo Kanashiro), which helps when requiring an additional resource to brainstorm client solutions.  Plus they are very timely on their invoice processing and its all automated with no manual paperwork.

Dale P.

Great company and work environment! Working alongside some of the best people, and you will truly feel valued as an integral part! The CEO and the COO are both so down to earth and fun, taking care of the client and employees!

Lee C.